Smart Start: Science, Math, Art, Reading, Thinking, Geography - Grade 1

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Paperback : 320 pages


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Whether you're using the Evan-Moor Smart Start, Grade 1 Activity Book as an option for at-home activities or to help your child get ready for the next grade level, your first grader will have a lot of fun while learning important skills. Our SMART activities will build on what's being taught in the grade one classroom in subject areas like science, math, art, reading and thinking. With 320 pull-out pages in our book, gr. 1 students will have plenty of activities throughout the school year to keep them entertained and wanting to learn more!

SMART Subjects
- Our workbook focuses on the concept of SMART, which is short for science, math, art, reading and thinking skills, and the book contains a bonus subject of geography

Engaging Home Activities
- Kids and parents can have fun working on these SMART activities at home

Rewarding Milestones
- This Grade 1 workbook has reward stickers and a reward certificate that can help you celebrate the milestones your child achieves

Thinking Creativity
- Many of the activities we offer in this Grade 1 book will ask the students to think creatively and analytically to solve problems

Age-Appropriate Materials
- As we introduce new concepts for math, science and reading, young students will gain baseline knowledge in those areas that will serve them well now and in their future school years.