Skill Sharpeners: Geography, Grade K

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Kindergarteners often are just starting to be curious about the world around them, which means they are the perfect age to gain a lot of benefit from the Evan-Moor Skill Sharpeners: Geography Grade K Student Edition. Young students will have a lot of fun while completing lessons that introduce geography concepts using hands-on activities, basic skill practice and art projects. Gr. K students will use the workbook to learn map skills, while discovering continents and oceans. Our geography activities encourage students to be creative while developing and using higher-order thinking skills.

Explore the World
Students will learn about geography in a fun way, as they can use the lessons to start to explore the world

Learning Map Skills
With our colorful workbook, kindergarteners will gain a basic understanding of how to read a map, making use of age-appropriate instructions

Uses Current Geography Standards
All of the cross-curricular activities in this teaching resource make use of the most current standards for geography study

Spark Creativity
The activities we ve included will allow children to be creative while also developing and using higher-order thinking skills

Hands-On Activities
Young students will perform a variety of activities while learning their geography skills, including counting, vocabulary, writing, patterns or comparing