Where's Santa? Out of This World

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Paperback : 32 pages

 235 x 299 x 3mm


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Santa and his Robodeer take off on an out-of-this-world, search-and-find adventure through a glaxy of festive fun!

With over 700 things to spot, from elves to aliens, unicorns to snowglobes and everything in-between.

Oh no! All the reindeer are sick, so Santa can't deliver his presents! Luckily, Santa's Elf, Digit, has invented Robodeer to fly the sleigh instead. The only problem is that Santa accidentally programs Robodeer to fly them to another galaxy... To get home, Santa must go through all the planets in the galaxy - from the Snowglobe Planet to the Pudding Planet, and through Nautilis and Nicelus.

Will Santa get back to Earth in time for Christmas?