The Fearsome Beastie


Мягкая обложка, 32 стр

Состояние очень хорошее


Внимание: ограниченное количество товара в наличии!

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Возрастная категория Дети 3-6 лет


The fearsome beastie is hungry, so he leaves his cave in search of something to eat. The children of the town are fooled by the beastie s sly tricks and end up getting eaten! But don t fear, little Pete escapes and gets the one person who can save the day. His granny! Granny takes up her axe and chops beastie in half! All the children come out unharmed and they celebrate with a yummy beastie stew! The Fearsome Beastie is being adapted into a CG animation by Slurpy Studios and UCA Farnham for release in Summer 2014.