Sammy Claws: The Christmas Cat

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 Paperback | 32 pages
 250 x 290 x 5mm


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A fabulously festive C"A plot to rob Santa? We'll see about that! I'll soon stop those villains!" thought Sammy the cat.

A fabulously festive tale about a sleepy cat who saves Christmas!

Sammy Claws, Santa's lovable, lazy cat, will sleep anywhere! Snoozing in a box on Christmas Eve, Sammy finds himself wrapped up as a Christmas parcel and bundled onto the sleigh with the other presents. How will Sammy escape? And how will he save the presents from two robbers with plans to steal them all away . . .?

Sammy Claws is a purrfect swag-bag of giggles, guaranteed to get little ones excited for Christmas! Paula Bowles' fresh, contemporary artwork is full of warmth, humour, and action-packed, festive scenes, and she has created a totally adorable (and unlikely) hero in cute cat Sammy Claws. This rhyming picture book is a wonderful Christmas gift for fans of the Shifty McGifty series and Mog's Christmas.hristmas picture book about how one very unprincessy princess uses all her stem skills to rescue Christmas.

Princess Eliza is an engineer extraordinaire! She loves making toys and gadgets, even though her mum thinks it's not very princessy at all. But when Santa falls ill, and the elves are desperate for help, Eliza knows just how to save the day. With her inventing skills and engineering know-how, she makes, wraps and delivers presents AND makes some very unexpected friends along the way . . . all in time for Christmas Eve!

This feminist rhyming story by award-winning author Caryl Hart is perfect for princesses and princes who don't need rescuing.