Skill Sharpeners Geography, Grade 5

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Skills Sharpeners: Geography engages your child in exploring the world while learning important map skills and geography concepts. The cross-curricular activities integrate the most current geography standards. Each geography topic includes nonfiction reading selections, comprehension questions, vocabulary practice, writing prompts, and authentic activities that bring the concepts to life. These activities invite your child to be creative while using higher-order thinking skills. The reading selections and activities take students beyond basic geographic understandings and into unique ecosystems, biomes, places and regions, histories, cultures, and social movements within our world. Students make personal connections to their learning by completing expository and creative writing activities as well as hands-on geography projects. Engaging concepts covered include: - Old and new navigation - GPS coordinates - Dinosaurs - Making mountains - Major volcanoes - Unique habitats - Human migrations in history - Indigenous peoples - World religions - World farming traditions - Modern transportation - National borders - Special animals around the world Includes answer key.