Slug in a Jug

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Develops language and literacy skills
Make silly rhyming sentences
Three games in one!
Suitable for 2-4 players
Suitable for ages 5-9


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Slug in a Jug is a fun rhyming word game with three ways to play! Play Slug in a Jug by collecting rhyming cards and making a silly sentence that will get everyone giggling! You can also play the simpler versions 'Find the Rhyme' or 'Rhyming Pairs' for slightly younger children who are just starting to learn rhyming patterns. The 48 colourful cards are great to develop rhyming skills in a fun way, and can also be used as flashcards to develop general literacy skills, such as spelling, sounds and phonics, too.

Box Contains
48 rhyming picture cards
1 instruction leaflet