Bob the Builder - Bob and the Bandstand


Мягкая обложка, 32 стр

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Возрастная категория Дети 3-6 лет
Серии Bob the Builder


The team are mending the old bandstand so that it is ready for a summer concert. Farmer Pickles, the bandleader, puts the sheet music and his baton in Travis's trailer. Then they set off for the concert. Unfortunately the music spills out. Spud finds the music and discovers it is perfect for paper planes and that the conducting baton makes a great sword. Soon the music is spread all over the countryside. Farmer Pickles is devastated to find that the music is lost and the concert can't go ahead. But Bob saves the day when he volunteers the machines and their rhythmic clanging as the orchestra. The show goes on! An action-packed adventure from Bob and his friends that children will love reading.