Smokey the Very Loud Purring Cat


 Paperback | 144 pages

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Media sensation "Smokey the Very Loud Purring Cat", tells the tale of her rise to fame from her own perspective. The foreword is written by the RSPCA and there is a review of the book by Larry the Number 10 Downing Street Cat! It includes 16 page colour photo section. Meet Smokey. An official international cat celebrity - as recognised by the Guinness World Records - due to her incredibly loud purr! Smokey has appeared on American "ABC News" and "NBC News", as well as "The BBC World Service, Daybreak" and almost every UK National newspaper. Through no fault of her own Smokey was passed through several homes before finally settling with the Adams family. Through volunteering to help promote welfare messages for her local branch of Cats Protection her loud purring talent was discovered by the media, which led to her entry into the "Guinness Book of World Records". Now Smokey tells the story of her rise to fame in her own words, with the help of her owner Ruth Adams of course. Touching and light-hearted, if you're not a cat lover already, you're guaranteed to be one after reading this extraordinary tale.