Lighthouse Keepers Christmas

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 Paperback | 32 pages
 235 x 269 x 4mm


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A brilliantly heart-warming and funny picture book about
Mr and Mrs Grinling's Christmas adventure.

"You're probably the luckiest boy in the whole world because you're
in the middle of a Christmas Eve Lighthouse Adventure."

It's Mr G's last Christmas at the lighthouse, so it has to be
extra special. But when putting up the Christmas decorations Mr G
and his great-nephew, George, get stuck in a terrible storm!

Father Christmas doesn't know where they are, and Mrs G can't
get them their special Christmas Eve feast.

Will they be able to get dinner and tell Father Christmas where
they are on time?

Adventure, thrills and laughter on every page

A seasonal adventure story, perfect for a cold Christmas night

Rediscover the enchanting story of the Lighthouse Keeper, 45
years after it was first published